Silicone Gel Options for Scars

Silicone is a medical-grade ingredient that can be found in many scar products. Scar products on the market that contain the ingredient silicone include: silicone sheeting pads and silicone scar gel products in a bottle. Silicone has been clinically proven to help fade the appearance of scars and help heal damaged skin. Also, in some studies, silicone has been proven to act as a skin barrier, which helps protect skin from further damage.

Silicone sheeting pads for scars can be cut to fit your wound or you can buy pre-cut sheets. Sheets are easy to apply and often times they are durable. Most sheets can be washed and used multiple times. Silicone gel sheets have been proven effective to work, but it is important to use the product as directed. Sheets are often thin and flexible, which makes the comfortable and easy to perform your normal everyday tasks. However, if you are having trouble with silicone gel sheets, then you can use a silicone gel in a bottle.

Gels sold in a bottle can be obtained online and in store. Silicone scar gel products in a bottle can differ in cost, size, application, consistency, and Warnings. Silicone gels are easy-to-apply and can offer results within two months of application. It is important to apply the product as directed in order to obtain results. Gels can be stowed away in areas such as cabinets, shelves and even in a woman’s purse. Silicone gels can also be used in the privacy of your own home, when its convenient for you. If silicone gels in a bottle form do not work for your scars, then you should try a scar cream like

There are other forms of topical products on the market, such as anti scar cream products. However, creams for scars typically do not contain the ingredient silicone. Instead some of these creams contain the ingredient Hydroquinone. The ingredient Hydroquinone is a skin lighter that can reduce the appearance of discolored skin patches. However, this ingredient may cause side effects such as redness, skin chapping, and irritation. This ingredient has even been banned in some foreign countries due to its negative effects. Before purchasing scar creams, review the Ingredient list on the back of the product label.