Removing Stretch Marks

What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are discolored streaks on the skin that develop when the body has experienced a change in growth. Stretch marks can develop because of genetics, pregnancy, puberty, body-building or because of gaining and losing weight frequently. These marks can differ in color, area of development and length. Newly formed marks on the body are pink in appearance. Stretch marks that are in their mid-stages are red or purple in appearance. Lastly, stretch marks that are older than six months of age are a silver or white color. When stretch marks become older than six months of age, it is harder to diminish their appearance.

If you are looking for a way to remove stretch mark areas on the skin, there is no such thing! There is no way to remove the appearance of unwanted stretch marks! There is no topical or treatment that can remove stretch marks. Instead topical products help fade the appearance of stretch marks and treatments help remove upper layers of skin in a slow process. These stretch mark management options differ from one another.

There is no way to remove stretch mark areas from the skin. Instead a topical can be applied 1-3 times a day in order to fade discolored patches of skin. Topical products do not remove stretch marks, but they can help soften and smooth skin. Also, topical products are non-invasive and they are easy-to –use. Creams, lotions and serums that retail for under $70 are cost-effective and may be less expensive when compared to stretch mark treatments. The benefit of using stretch mark topical products is that they can be used in your own home rather than being performed by a medical professional.

Stretch mark treatments include Laser and Microdermabrasion. Both of these treatments are intended to remove the upper layers of skin so that the underlying layers of skin are smooth in appearance. Also, both these treatments can influence the production of collagen. Unfortunately, these stretch mark treatments cannot be done in the privacy of one’s home. Instead they must be done at a medical office . For more information about stretch mark products, please review websites like